Skills to Succeed and Flourish in Today’s Schools

bigstock_resilience_road_sign_3363000-900x440Today’s sophisticated and demanding education system takes energy and stamina to teach successfully.  Whether it’s mastering new subject matter, addressing diverse student needs, implementing assessments, learning new technology, maintaining classroom order, managing time, or making sure all students learn, the demands on teachers are numerous and intense.

The toll from expectations in the education field can lead to costly early retirement, lower morale, and diminished job satisfaction. To replenish and stay enthusiastic in today’s educational climate, educators need new skills and strategies to be effective and resilient.

The Resilient Educator™ is a powerful, highly relevant training program which helps educators boost performance, improve school relationships, and strengthen resiliency. Acclaimed by educators for its new ideas and solid foundation in neuroscience, the program’s proven techniques are easy to learn and rekindle educators’ motivation and energy. Drawing on the Institute of HeartMath’s fifteen years of scientific research, this training engages educators through its timely, practical, research-based approach.

What Participants Learn

  • How to think more clearly and make smarter decisions, especially under pressure.
  • How to improve communication with colleagues, students and parents.
  • How to transform the physiological response to stress.
  • How to increase personal vitality and well being.
  • How to create a stronger school culture and esprit de corps.

Proven Results: A Kentucky School District

Kentucky School District Three months after school administrators and K-12 teachers from a Kentucky school district received training, symptoms of stress had dropped dramatically.

Program Content

► What is resiliency? How to build and sustain it.

► What is stress? Stressors that educators face.

► The role of emotions in performance and health.

► Coherence: achieving greater resilience and excellence.

► Neutralizing stress on a daily application.

► Demonstration of the Freeze-Framer® technology.

► How emotions drive brain activity into chaos or coherence.

► The Freeze-Frame® technique: a problem solving tool.

► Effective communication and productive working relationships.

► Establishing a new baseline of health and well-being.

► Applications for daily life.

Ideal Students:

Flexible Training Modules:

The Resilient Educatorr™ program is available in 2, 4, and 6 hour presentations or during one-to-two hour sessions spread out over several weeks. It can be adapted to your organization’s time schedule, and can be delivered in a classroom or an online virtual setting.

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