Empowering STEPS has the most comprehensive program to empower individuals with tools to become resilient. We train in every sector of society – corporate, government, healthcare, and schools. Stress is everywhere and the resilience tools work across all demographics.

Understanding the physiological changes that occur, is the key to understanding how we can choose to change.  Immediate improvement can be seen with daily training for only 3 minutes.

Here is a are some of the clients we have worked with in one-on-one trainings and in groups.


Empowering STEPS works with doctors, therapists and employees at hospitals, giving them tools for life balance.

  • Massachusetts General Hospital – Harvard’s Teaching School
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital
  • Honor Health Group
  • Physchologist’s Office
  • The Meadows Rehabilitation Center


Empowering STEPS trains teachers, administration and students assisting them to reach their peak performance. Here are some of the schools we have worked with:

  • Univ of Arizona
  • Harvard University
  • Arizon State University
  • Phoenix Union District
  • Phoenix Elementary District
  • Various smaller charters schools in the Phoenix area
  • St. Theresa’s catholic school
  • Jakarta International School, Indonesia
  • Dubai Bucharest

Corporations, Businesses & Non-Profits

Empowering STEPS works with Corporations, businesses and non-profits by training in resiliency for optimal business performance. We have worked with the following organizations:

  • HOPE Live Non-profit
  • Boys and Girls Club of Arizona
  • Christian Brands


Empowering STEPS works with individuals conducting personal private training for personal resilience and for optimal performance.