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You know you have the intellect and ability.  You’ve experienced being in the “zone,” when everything just flowed.  But too often, anxiety, fear, anger or other emotions interfered with your best performance.  Academic testing, job interviews, sales or funding presentations, work performance and public speaking are a few common areas where strong performance is short-circuited by our emotions.  We have all experienced a situation when we needed to showcase our abilities, but negative emotions got the better of us.

There Is a Solution

Empowering STEPS harnesses the power of the Institute of HeartMath’s® ground-breaking research and the emWave technology to train clients self-mastery in the moment – and in the moments which matter most – creating an optimal synchronization between the brain and the heart, or “coherence.”  We train you how to get and stay in the “zone,” overcoming learning and performance blocks, through emWave™ game formats and other techniques.

The emWave™ technology teaches you how to achieve the ‘feeling’ of being in a resilient state of mind, consistently and on demand.  The device provides immediate feedback through an easy to use, plug and play peripheral which collects heart-rate variability (HRV) data and translates it into user-friendly graphics.  There is even a stand-alone device that can be used anywhere, anytime to accelerate training and results.

From the mission-driven classroom to the strategy-driven boardroom, HeartMath® and Empowering STEPS attune every leader and learner to his deepest purpose and highest potential.


Hi, I'm Therese!

I'm the president of Empowering STEPS, LLC and a Certified Educational Trainer with The Institute of HeartMath™. I've coached and trained scientists, educators, counselors, social workers, first responders and health professionals in the U.S. and abroad.
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What My Wonderful Clients Have To Say

  • “Excellent. Everybody should take this workshop to set his or her own life into proper perspective. It gave me tools to deal with unreasonable demands from professional life on a daily basis.”

    Lenore Blank Resource Teacher, San Francisco Unified School District
  • “Empowering. Relevant to the needs of adults and youth alike. Insight and skills to be more in charge and at peace in the middle of chaos, change, and the transitions our educational system is experiencing.”

    Katie Holmes School Counselor, Greeley, Colorado
  • “I was having difficulty preparing for an upcoming certification test I needed for my current job. There was a lot riding on this test and I have always had anxieties related to test taking which in turn usually makes my score suffer. I worked with Therese multiple times prior to taking the certification test. Therese is very genuine, professional, and I always felt so comfortable around her. Therese and her program gave me the tools I needed to diminish my test anxieties and helped me pass my exam."

    HN, Phoenix Coaching Client
  • “I am so thankful to have met Therese, who introduced emWave to me and has taken great personal care over the past two years to help me gain skill and understanding in using the program. Therese supports her clients and students from the heart. If you work with Therese, you will undoubtedly benefit from her commitment and genuine desire to help you and to bring more peacefulness in to this world.”

    B.F. Singapore emWave Certification Client

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